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Elements Ventures Accelerator

Empowering Entrepreneurs to Transform Lives and the Planet


Elements Ventures Accelerator (EVA) is a Canadian accelerator with the mission to help impact driven pre-seed plant-based and food-tech startups create traction and become investor-ready.

Climate Change

Health & Wellness 

Social Impact


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Past Events 

December 11th, 2019
3:00 - 6:00 pm

Are all plant based products healthy and environmental friendly? What is driving the Plant Based trend? What problems are they solving and are they creating new problems? What role does science play in separating value from hype? Given the research intensive nature of Plant Based products, will science play a defining role in creating investor and customer confidence in this NextGen category?



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Kulture Rebellion makes Brucha, an alcoholic fermented beverage, which has all the health benefits of kombucha and the flavours of craft beer. Brucha is grain, gluten and lectin free beverage that is low in carbs and sugars and high in probiotic and antioxidants. Brucha is designed with local ingredients and fermented imperfect produce to reduce food waste and GHG emissions.

Cromble disrupts plant-based health and wellness products by upcycling Brewers' Spent Grain into high-value wellness offerings. Spent Grain’s unique nutrient profile contains 70% fiber, 20% protein, and fewer sugars. We’re using it to develop delicious protein snacks like our BrewBite, supplements and so much more.

tinyfarms logo.jpg

ModGarden - Imagine a micro farm in the comfort of your home that allows you to grow your own nutrient rich tasting organic vegetables. The affordable smart modular growing system provides insight from earth-to-fork so you know exactly what your family is eating from the organic soil to heirloom seeds and straight to your fork.

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Praxis currently offers two toothpaste products: Rise and Rest. A natural morning and night toothpaste product enhanced by vitamin-mineral supplements that aids in energizing and adjusting sleep-wake cycle. 

urban roots.png

Urban Roots is a non-profit organization that revitalizes underused land in the City of London for agriculture by: Producing high-quality, organic vegetables and herbs, Distributing produce locally, directly to consumers and to private and social enterprises.

Carrot Bacon is crafted with artisanal attention to detail, a nuanced blend of smoky, savoury, sweet and umami, with a satisfying crispiness that delights the palate. Filled with vitamins, minerals, amino acids and fibre, Carrot Bacon packs a healthful punch, that can only be matched by its power to satiate.

Satellite Farms- The indoor vertical modular farms of the future are here. A new innovative indoor farming tech helps real estate owners monetize under-utilized spaces and provide fresh healthy sustainable and consistent stream of leafy green products. 

Panel of Advisors


Venture Capital

Dubie Cunningham

Partner at ScaleUP Ventures Inc.

Dubie Cunningham is an investment Partner at ScaleUP Ventures, one of Canada’s leading early stage venture funds focused on helping Canadian technology firms through the ‘scale-up’ phase of their
growth path. The ScaleUP team share one vision: to engage, coach and invest in the most promising start-ups to build a stronger Canada. 


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Rob Barlow

Founder at WireIE Holdings International Inc. - Next Generation Networks

Global growth experience as an organizational and transformational leader with a reputation for quickly identifiying issues, solving and bringing new opportunities. Has built an enterprise from inception by defining market value and fund raising. A trusted leader, technologist and marketer who uses his relationship building expertise to create revenue growth. Builds team engagement with strategic plans all the while creating strong management teams and operating cultures to execute. . Experienced Board Member, Private Equity Advisor and Business Consultant.


Serial Entrepreneur


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Angel Funding

Mohammed Ghalayini 

Board Member & Chair of the Investment Review Committee at Maple Leaf Angels

Nonlinear career path in angel investing, large-scale project finance, entrepreneurship, and management consulting. Experienced some failures and successes; accustomed to the peaks and valleys of the entrepreneurial journey. An observer of emerging technology trends and writer about innovation topics.
Areas of interest: corporate innovation, corporate-startup partnerships, startup funding, fintech, financial inclusion, digital transformation.


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Alex Yurek

New Skew, Founder and CEO

Alex Yurek is the founder and CEO of New Skew, a new breed of food company. New Skew is a Toronto-based food innovation company that owns and operates a portfolio of brands and has created a platform on which food and beverage brands can prototype, launch, test and scale brands with enough velocity to keep pace with rapidly evolving food culture. 

Alex is the former head of strategy at Idea Couture and a graduate of the Richard Ivey School of Business.


Industry Expert


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